Leigh Judo Club Sports Awards 2017

Leigh Judo Club Sports Awards 2017

The Leigh Judo Club Sports Awards are the most prestigious event in our calendar and recognise and celebrate the achievements of our talented members throughout the year. This year the awards took place on the 10th December following our Junior Christmas party and Senior club meal the day before. 2017 has brought much success to the club from both the juniors and seniors. We’d like to say a massive congratulations to everyone and all the winners. Thank you for all of your hard work, dedication and support.

2017 Winners

Junior Player of the Year – Rachel Brown
Senior Player of the Year – Vicky Taylor
Most Improved Player of the Year – Rebekah Bradley
Special Contribution Award – Tom Nagle
Spirit Of Judo Award – Emma Cossey

Junior player of the year – Rachel Brown

Rachel always has a smile on her face both on and off the mat and has come on leaps and bounds this year. Seamlessly transitioning from the beginner class to the junior class with ease. Just turning 8, November 2017 saw Rachel make her first entry into competition fighting much older and more experienced players coming away with a well earnt bronze medal. With excellent footwork, attitude and talent Rachel is always learning and improving each and every session.

Senior Player of the year – Vicky Taylor

Vicky personifies discipline and dedication and since joining the club 3 years ago has become a skilful and technical  judoka. Lethal on the ground with her mix of judo and BJJ, Vicky is only 20 points away from her dan grade after 8 wins and one draw competitively. Always open to learning and developing as well as supporting others, Vicky is a positive role model and a credit to herself and the club.







Most Improved player – Rebekah Bradley

Through consistent effort and a positive attitude, Rebekah has made significant strides forward over the last year moving from the junior session into the seniors. Transitioning gradually, Rebekah continued to be a positive shining example all of the junior members look up to on and off the mat. After making the full transition to the senior class she continues to grow and develop catching many of the seniors with excellent technique and quick feet.










Special Contribution Award – Tom Nagle

With a complete openness to learn and develop, those who train with Tom long enough come to understand his uniqueness, consistently putting the needs of his partner above those of his own. A selfless uke with no ego, Tom alters his levels of performance to challenge his partner whilst learning and supporting their and his own development. After completing his Level 1 Coaching course this year, Tom regularly supports the coaching of the juniors. His relaxed and supportive approach continues to make a significant difference to the juniors development.

Spirit of Judo Award – Emma Cossey

Always quick to help, protect or understand other peoples point of view, Emma is always courteous, co-operative and supportive to everyone both on an off the mat. Emma is always respectful irrespective of age, size or ability and demonstrates humility every session. A natural athlete, Emma’s perseverance and determination was evident in her first judo competition conquering her nerves and emotions facing challenges with excellent performances earning a silver medal. Emma is always a pleasure to have on the mat and is a credit to herself, her family and the club.









Congratulations to all of those who won at this years awards. It’s been a fantastic year for the club with success on and off the mat for everyone and we’re proud of each and every one of you.