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Ages 4 - 7 years, beginner classes involve lots of fundamental movement patterns to help to build confidence and develop self-awareness and physical fitness and movement literacy.

The session involves lots of safe falling, tumbling, trips, holds, and escape techniques as gentle introduction into the sport. Most importantly is about having fun engaging children in sport and activity for the long term.

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Ages 7-14 years, the junior classes develop the technical aspects of judo through the grading syllabus including break falls, throws and holds. Instilling the principles of discipline and self-confidence the junior class develop the physical characteristics of judo such as agility, speed, strength, balance and flexibility.

With a friendly environment coaching is athlete-centred ensuring each junior on the mat can achieve their goals, at their own pace with effort and support.

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For adults and ages 15+, senior sessions involve the development of all areas of judo from basics such as break falls, holds and throws to more advanced techniques including strangles and arm locks.

With a person-centred approach to development, no mater your age, size or fitness you can learn at your own pace with the support of everyone on the mat.

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Welcome to Leigh Judo Club

Formed in the lasting legacy of the 2012 London Olympic games, our club is well known for it's friendly, welcoming atmosphere, very high coaching standards and supportive ethos. Following the construction of our purpose built dojo, the club has developed and grown at an unprecedented rate and is the premier judo club in Leigh winning awards, recognition and support throughout the local community and wider areas. We aim to deliver the highest standard of Judo providing opportunities for young people and adults from the age of 5 to receive coaching, grade and enter competitions. As a registered British Judo Association club we are fully insured and have fully qualified and experienced coaches who are committed to supporting you throughout your development.


Grow in confidence and self-esteem


Learn how to protect and defend yourself


Improve your stamina and overall fitness


Judo instils respect and general social skills

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It was a challenging session for the beginners yesterday working on single leg balance and stability as well as O Soto O Toshi. With the juniors we worked on speed of entry of throws with crash mat work as well as combinations. Finally with the seniors we focused on achieving a deeper entry of throw and drive through throws utilising an Uki anchor and the new crash mats. Well done all and we’ll see you back on the mat on Thursday! ...

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It was a productive session on Thursday working on Tai O Toshi and Seio-Toshi with the juniors along we core stability and agility. With the seniors we worked on guard pass and turnovers from prone as well as standing techniques and randori. Well done all and we’ll see you back on the mat on Sunday! ...

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Nage-No-Kata course


British Judo Certified Nage No Kata course delivered by 7th Dan Steve Pullen held at Cheadle. A great opportunity to develop ....Read More >

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Junior and Senior club grading 2018


The first quarterly club grading of 2018. Please make sure you have your grading fee and judo licence. ....Read More >

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